arkkitehdit mustonen oy is an architecture office, specialized in restoration and renovation.

Restoration, renovation and transformation of existing buildings is our specialty.
We conduct historical surveys of individual buildings and defined areas, alongside our design practice.
We also selectively design new buildings, when the assignment is directly linked to our field of interest.
We appreciate seamless co-operation of all parties involved as well as sufficient resourcing.
Our guiding principle is to honor the unique charasteristics of the existing structure and approach each project individually.
Our aim is to discover solutions that can be carried-out from the overall scale to tangible details.

 WE HAVE MOVED. Our new address is Vilhonvuorenkatu 11 B 10, FIN - 00500 HELSINKI

"Photos: Lozzi & Lyhty, Töölö library, The Church of the Three Crosses, Vyborg library"